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Drink Buddy Professional Breathalyser BT-2 *Bonus 40 Mouthpieces Free*

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The Drink Buddy Professional Breathalyser Unit is our Latest and Best Edition to the Breathalyser Line Up!
With our New Cutting Edge Ultra Fuel Cell Sensor Engine Technology allowing us to provide you with a 12 Month Calibration Period.

 * Video of the Drink Buddy Personal Breathalyser BT-1 Model. The main difference between the BT-1 and BT-2 is that the BT-2 has the Professional Ultra Fuel Cell Sensor and 12 months re-calibration period.

Buy with confidence knowing that the Drink Buddy Breathalyser has Passed Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance from SAI Global, to Meet and Comply with all Australian Standards and Receive the AS3547 Certification. 

Drink Buddy Professional BT-2 Breathalyser Special Bonus Offer

Why Buy a Drink Buddy Breathalyser

Know Your Limit! Give Yourself The Peace of Mind!

Just a couple of drinks with friends, family or work colleagues can put you over the legal blood alcohol limit. 

Everyone has a different tolerance to alcohol, so simple drink counting or trying to guess if you are ok to drive can be a very risky business. 

Don't Risk Your Licence! 

The Drink Buddy Breathalyser provides you with the latest fuel cell sensor engine technology available to ensure you are provided with a highly accurate breath analysis anytime, anywhere in less than 45 seconds so you can make a smart decision before driving.

Think you are ok to drive home?
Watch the Drink Buddy Breathalyser video being tested in the Pub and see JUST HOW EASY IT IS TO BE OVER THE LIMIT.


Drink Buddy Professional Breathalyser Benefits

ULTRA Fuel Cell Sensor Engine Technology
700 Uses or 12 Months Before Calibration
✅ Certified to Australian Standards AS3547
✅ Accurate Results in Under 45 Seconds
✅ Lightweight, Portable and Slim 82g
✅ Test Yourself, Family & Friends Easily 
✅ Automatic Power Off
✅ Easy to Use One Button Operation
✅ Dual Colour LCD, Red for Warnings
✅ Detection Range 0.000 - 0.400%BAC
✅ Bonus Storage Pouch
✅ 12 Month Manufacture Warranty 
* Please click the FAQ Tab for further specifications & Re-Calibration

Drink Driving is a Serious Offence

It doesn't matter if you are a little bit over the legal blood alcohol limit or not. You are committing a crime by driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Alcohol reduces your reaction time and impairs judgement. Not only are YOU endangering your life but other INNOCENT people's lives as well. 

No Excuse Will Ever Be Good Enough

❌ I've only had a couple of beers
❌ Honestly, I feel fine to drive
❌ It's just a short drive home
❌ I was just going to the shops quickly
❌ It's late the road are quiet
❌ I was just driving slow
❌ I can handle my alcohol 

Getting Caught Drink Driving Can Result In

 Loss or disqualification of licence 
❌ Receiving a large fine
❌ Installing an interlock in your car 
❌ Having to attend court
❌ Risk of losing your job
❌ Car insurance can become harder to get

 The only cure is time. Make a smart choice and know your limit with the Drink Buddy Breathalyser.

Drink Buddy Breathalyser Image Showing You can Get Caught Anywhere

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    Leon M.
    Australia Australia

    First time I used it it saved me , I was just over the limit,so waited . Guess what , got pulled over on the way home and blew under , thank you Drink Buddy,

    Mark H.
    Xmas Present

    Got this for my old man he was surprised as he didn't even think you could buy these things his happy with it so far delivery was really quick

    Craig H.
    Fastastic Highly Recommend

    Can't fault like others said in the reviews great device has worked fantastic for me just leave it in the glovebox these days and test when I need to have mentioned this to all my friends

    Macca H.
    I'm a Driver!!

    Drive for work so gotta be careful not to be over the limit like to have a couple of beers after work with the lads also give them a test as well only one time I was over so far! just waited for 45 minutes tested again and was good to go great unit certainly saving me

    Jimmy B.
    Was Skeptical But Extremely Happy!

    When it comes to accuracy of the drink buddy I was always skeptical as I was with other brands I was looking at and researching what won me over with the drink buddy was the details and videos provided showing the device in use also knowing that is was certified to Australian Standards. After using it now for a couple of weeks I have felt confident that it's giving me an accurate reading when I use it so have no reason to doubt the reading its giving I found it easy to use and simple I mainly use it for when I have a couple of drinks at the pub thank you Brent for the advice as well.

    Michael C.
    Does the Job

    Just used the drink buddy to test myself every now and again opted for the 12 months unit one less thing I need to worry about was easy to use like others have mentioned which is one reason why I brought it seems accurate to me based on how many beers I had.

    David J.
    Test my workmates and myself easily

    I work in contsruction and the boys like to have a couple of beers after work sometimes being the boss I wanted to ensure they weren't risking driving over the limit as they need the car for work so we just keep this in the ute and test everyone before leaving one of my apprentices put me onto these devices and decided to get it at the moment really happy with how its working

    Wilson F.
    Fantastic Device!

    Like others have mentioned this was so easy to use just press the button and blow even when I am not driving maybe having a drink at home I still test myself as I want to ensure the Drink Buddy is still giving an accurate reading which so far it has been just seeing the video in the pub using the drink buddy showed me just has easy it is to be over the limit and feel ok to drive.

    Trent M.
    I am so glad I bought this breathalyser

    One thing I wanted in breathalyser is accuracy as it has one job to do. After checking out numerous models I made my decision on the drink buddy as it had 12 months calibiration and certified as well copmpared to my previous model.I think it's great they give you extra mouthpieces as I like to let others test themselves as well rather than driving home. Thank you

    Jamie B.
    better to be safe

    After my mate got pulled over a few hundred metres from home and was over the limit only by a little I didn't want the same to happen to me overall decided on the drink buddy as had the certifications also watching the video in the pub showed me how valueable it could be. So far so good with using it was actually surprised by how small it was.