Drink Buddy Professional Breathalyser Portable, Lightweight Accurate

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The Drink Buddy Professional Breathalyser Unit is our New and Best Edition to the 2020 Breathalyser Line Up!
With our New Cutting Edge Ultra Fuel Cell Sensor Engine Technology allowing us to provide you with a 12 Month Calibration Period.

Buy with confidence knowing that the Drink Buddy Breathalyser has Passed Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance from SAI Global to Meet and Comply with all Australian Standards and Receive the AS3547 Certification. 

Know Your Blood Alcohol Content Limit Breathalyser

Why Buy a Breathalyser

Do you try and guess what your blood alcohol content is? try and think back to what you have had to drink, what you had to eat and try and make a decision whether you're under the legal blood alcohol limit to drive home?

This is simply too risky and dangerous! Drink Driving Laws are tougher than ever. The Drink Buddy Breathalyser is a small investment to save you licence and the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol. Test yourself anytime, anywhere in less than 45 seconds get a highly accurate breath analysis so you can make a smart decision before driving.

See How Easy It Is to Test Yourself and Know Your Limit Before Driving! Watch the Video Below.

*Please Note: The Drink Buddy Personal Breathalyser with 6 Months Calibration Period is shown and is used in this video.

Drink Buddy Professional Breathalyser Features:

Ultra Fuel Cell Sensor Engine Technology
✅ 700 Uses or 12 Months Before Calibration
✅ Certified to Australian Standards AS3547
✅ Highly Accurate Results
✅ Lightweight, Portable and Slim 82g
✅ Test Takes Less Than 45 Seconds
✅ Easy to Use One Button Operation
✅ Dual Colour LCD, Red for Warnings
✅ Detection Range 0.000 - 0.400%BAC
✅ Bonus Storage Pouch
✅ 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty 
* Please see specifications tab for full details or click here

Drink Driving Personal Breathalyser

Just A Couple Of Drinks With Friends or Family Can Put You Over The Legal Blood Alcohol Limit Don't Risk It! 

Drink Driving is a Serious Offence

It doesn't matter if you're a little bit over the legal blood alcohol limit or not. You are committing a crime by driving under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol reduces your reaction time and impairs judgement. Not only are you endangering your life but other innocent people's lives as well.

No Excuse Will Ever Be Good Enough

❌ I've only had a couple of beers
❌ Honestly, I feel fine to drive
❌ It's just a short drive home
❌ I was just going to the shops quickly
❌ It's late the road are quiet
❌ I was just driving slow
❌ I can handle my alcohol 

Getting Caught Drink Driving Can Result In:

Loss or disqualification of licence 
❌ Receiving a large fine
❌ Having to install an interlock in your car 
❌ Having to attend court
❌ Risk of losing your job
❌ Car insurance can become harder to get

Drink Buddy Portable Breathalyser test yourself in the morning

More Young Drivers Are Getting Caught the Morning After a Night Out

One of the easiest ways young adults and people that are required to have zero blood alcohol content lose their licence is driving the morning after a big night out.

Even though they may feel fine to drive after sleep or caffeine, there can still be alcohol in their system and with a zero alcohol limit, this is very risky business especially if they rely on their car to get to work or school.

This won't reduce you Blood Alcohol Content

❌ Sleeping
❌ Showering
❌ Vomiting 
❌ Energy Drinks
❌ Coffee
❌ Food

The only Cure is Time. Make a Smart Decision and Know Your Limit with the Drink Buddy Breathalyser. Highly Accurate Results in Under 45 Seconds 

Model: Drink Buddy BT-2

Product Dimensions:

 111.5mm x 45mm x 20.2mm
Product Weight:  59g (82g batteries included)
Power Supply:   Two 1.5V, AAA size Alkaline batteries (included)
Detection Range:  0.000 - 0.400% BAC
Warm Up Time:  15-35 seconds  
Response Time:  3 - 22 seconds 
Working Temperature:  5'C - 40°C

 Every 12 months or after 700 tests

Country of Manufacture:  Korea
Product Manual: Click Here to Download

Note: * To maintain this unit to Australian Standards AS3547, this unit must be calibrated every 12 months or 700 uses whichever comes first. 

*Do not operate machinery or drive with any amount of alcohol in your system. The only true reading of a persons blood alcohol concentration is a blood test. To maintain the specified accuracy of this device, you must on all occasions, wait at least 20 minutes after drinking before testing and ensure your device is recalibrated on a regular basis as specified. To maintain this unit to Australian Standards AS3547, this unit must be calibrated every 6 months. CAUTION The Pro-line Drink Buddy should not be relied upon or used as an indication of a person's ability to drive.

Due to manufacturing alterations, actual product may vary slightly from that pictured. 

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    Leon M.
    Australia Australia

    First time I used it it saved me , I was just over the limit,so waited . Guess what , got pulled over on the way home and blew under , thank you Drink Buddy,

    Alix B.
    Australia Australia
    Great product

    Item arrived quickly and have used it several times, it works well is simple to use and gives you peice of mind.

    Warren V.
    Better to be on the cautious side

    A couple of beers after work can always be a little dangerous as sometimes I forget how many drinks I had always good to know my limit before driving home have used it 3 times and been confident it was a reliable reading happy to recommend this product.

    Jim B.
    Awesome always keep it in the car

    Awesome product! I'm young so usually use it to test myself in the mornings before driving to work if I go out the night before.

    Michael R.
    Great Product and Service

    Works well love that it only needs to be calibrated every 12 months arrived next day