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Buy With Confidence AS3547 Certified

 Our breathalysers are certified to meet Australian standards and have passed rigorous testing and quality assurance from SAI Global.

Precision Accurate Breath Analysis

 We use the latest in Fuel Cell Sensor Engine Technology in our breathalysers to ensure you get a accurate reading every time. 

A Small Investment To Save Your Licence

Drink Driving laws are tougher than ever with instant loss of licence for just being a little bit over it's not worth the risk know your limit! 

Customers Love the Drink Buddy

With many 5 star reviews from our customers we are so happy to know how much customers love our breathalysers.

You Won't Know When Or Where You Might Get Stopped

Don't Risk It! Drink Driving is a Serious Offence.
Regardless of your excuse for Drink Driving Police have heard them all before.
❌ I've only had a couple of beers
❌ Honestly I feel fine
❌I think I am okay to drive
❌ It's just a short drive home
❌ It's late the roads are quiet
❌ I was just driving slow
❌ I can handle my alcohol

Alcohol reduces your reaction time and impairs judgement. Not only are you endangering your life but other innocent people's lives as well.

Getting caught Drink Driving can result in:

❌ Loss of licence 
❌ Receiving a large fine
❌ Having a alcohol Interlock installed
❌ Risk of losing your job
❌ Car insurance is harder to get