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Drink Buddy Personal Breathalyser BT-1

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Don't Risk Your Licence! 
Know Your Limit Quickly and Easily with the Drink Buddy Breathalyser.

Buy with confidence knowing that the Drink Buddy Breathalyser has Passed Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance from SAI Global, to Meet and Comply with all Australian Standards and Receive the AS3547 Certification. 

Why Buy a Drink Buddy Breathalyser

Know Your Limit! Give Yourself The Peace of Mind!

Just a couple of drinks with friends, family or work colleagues can put you over the legal blood alcohol limit. 

Everyone has a different tolerance to alcohol, so simple drink counting or trying to guess if you are ok to drive can be a very risky business. 

Don't Risk Your Licence! 

The Drink Buddy Breathalyser provides you with the latest fuel cell sensor engine technology available to ensure you are provided with a highly accurate breath analysis anytime, anywhere in less than 45 seconds so you can make a smart decision before driving.

Think you are ok to drive home? Watch the Drink Buddy Breathalyser video being tested in the Pub and see JUST how easy it is to be over the limit.


 Drink Buddy Personal Breathalyser Benefits

✅ Fuel Cell Sensor Engine Technology
✅ Certified to Australian Standards AS3547
✅ 500 Uses or 6 Months Before Calibration
✅ Accurate Results in Under 45 Seconds
✅ Lightweight, Portable and Slim 77g
✅ Test Yourself, Family & Friends Easily 
✅ Automatic Power Off
✅ Easy to Use One Button Operation
✅ Dual Colour LCD, Red for Warnings
✅ Detection Range 0.000 - 0.400%BAC
✅ 12 Month Manufacture Warranty 
* Please click the FAQ Tab for further specifications & Re-Calibration

Drink Driving is a Serious Offence

It doesn't matter if you are a little bit over the legal blood alcohol limit or not. You are committing a crime by driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Alcohol reduces your reaction time and impairs judgement. Not only are YOU endangering your life but other INNOCENT people's lives as well. 

No Excuse Will Ever Be Good Enough

❌ I've only had a couple of beers
❌ Honestly, I feel fine to drive
❌ It's just a short drive home
❌ I was just going to the shops quickly
❌ It's late the road are quiet
❌ I was just driving slow
❌ I can handle my alcohol 

Getting Caught Drink Driving Can Result In

 Loss or disqualification of licence 
❌ Receiving a large fine
❌ Installing an interlock in your car 
❌ Having to attend court
❌ Risk of losing your job
❌ Car insurance can become harder to get

Drink Buddy Breathalyser Image Showing You can Get Caught Anywhere

Parents Look After Your Kids

One of the easiest ways young adults and people that are required to have zero blood alcohol content lose their licence is driving the morning after a big night out. 

Even though they may feel fine to drive after sleep or caffeine, there can still be alcohol in their system and with a zero alcohol limit, this is very risky business especially if they rely on their car to get to work or school.

This won't reduce you Blood Alcohol Content

 Energy Drinks

✅ The only cure is time. Make a smart choice and know your limit with the Drink Buddy Breathalyser.

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    Australia Australia
    DrinkBuddy Breathalyser.

    DrinkBuddy was delivered almost immediately. At 82, drink-driving means loss of license. Compared my results witha Police supplied Breathalyser , $400.00 plus, and the DrinkBuddy was spot on with accuracy. As a moderate drinker even 3 glasses of wine can put you over , so accuracy is paramount. More than that and you know you're over. But for the average social drinker , DrinkBuddy is an essential.

    Brad P.
    No GUessing anymore

    Tested this device when I received it that night and was pleasently surprised although i try to guess my limit by how many drinks I have had I realise I was probably always wrong can save my brain power for better things so simple to use yet effective would recommend to anyone who has a couple of beers after work or with mates.

    Ron H.
    Great Personal BAC Tester

    Getting a bit older now we get down to the local RSL for a beer and chat with mates never really took much notice of if i was over the limit or not I always felt fine but the last thing I wanted to be was a little bit over and lose my license I am too old to be walking around not a spring chicken anymore so just keep this in the car and always test myself so far I have always been under the limit.

    Jenny K.
    Purchased for my daughter

    My daughter goes out with friends partying now and comes home all hours but has to work the next day as a parent it's hard to ensure she has a 0 alcohol level also letting her know the importance and consequences if she still has alcohol in her system. She now checks everytime before she drives when she has been out and luckily one time she still had a very small reading so we drove her to work the test performs very quick. I believe every child that has to have a zero alcohol limit and likes to go out and drink with friends should have one of these.

    Australia Australia
    Very happy

    After spending hours and hours online looking for the right breathalyser (for my newly licensed teenage son), I couldn't be happier with this Drink Buddy. Easy to use, compact, and after testing it on myself and my friends, against their breathalysers, I think it's as accurate as you can get. Also SUPER fast shipping. Purchased on-line on Sunday evening and it arrived (QLD) Tuesday morning!! Can definitely recommend

    Australia Australia
    Proline Breathalyser

    Extremely easy to purchase and fast postage.

    Australia Australia
    Seems good

    All good seems to work alright haven’t used much

    Australia Australia
    Helpful and accurate tool that can save you from a ruined life

    Very happy with the experience

    Australia Australia
    Excellent tool to have

    Easy to order and easy to use. It arrived the next day.

    Cameron D.
    Australia Australia
    Great portable nifty

    Excellent seller pleasure doing business