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Drink Buddy Breathalyser Calibration

*** Calibration of the Drink Buddy Breathalyser will be provided in Adelaide at a cost of $49.95. If you require a calibration service please see your product manual for details or contact us directly via the contact us form ***

Drink Buddy Breathalyser Calibration Process

  1. Pack and ship Breathalyser to us in Adelaide.
  2. Manufacture will perform the re calibration within 5 business days.
  3. Once the re calibration is completed the manufacture will send you the Breathalyser back to you at no cost. 

Important Breathalyser Information:

Your Breathalyser is a precision instrument using a fuel cell sensor to measure alcohol levels, regular servicing ensures ongoing accuracy and reliability while maintaining Australian AS3547 standards.

  • Calibration period for your Drink Buddy Breathalyser depending on which model you own (Listed on the front of your device) will determine your calibration period: 
    • Drink Buddy Personal Breathalyser BT-1:
      6 Months or 500 Uses whichever comes first
    • Drink Buddy Professional Breathalyser (Ultra Fuel Cell) BT-2: 
      12 Months or 700 Uses whichever comes first
  • If you receive erratic or high readings your Breathalyser may need re-calibration.
  • Do not attempt to service it yourself. 
  • To keep your Breathalyser in good working condition, we recommend that you blow into it at least once a month to ensure the sensor does not dry out.